From Homely to a Home

(who doesn’t deserve beauty?!)

Face it. Stumps are ugly.

Plan to put a flower pot on a stump? Well, my uncle John tried putting lipstick on a pig. Umm.. didn’t work out so well (and it got the townsfolk really gossiping).

Tired of string trimming around a stump? Dull lawnmower blades from surface roots? Missing neighborhood cat? (ok, that’s a bit much)

Thinking you’ll spend a weekend as a stump warrior digging it out with pickaxe, shovel, and chainsaw abuse? But, maybe you’re fond of chiropractic visits and emergency room visits. No judgment here!

Sit back, relax, and watch us do the dirty work (we’re not shy).

Our Grinding Service is Top-Quality.

We don’t hire some high school students to do the work. In fact, the owner does the work! Why? Well, would go on and on about how he has his black belt in stump grinding, but that would just be bragging now, wouldn’t it?

We don’t use just any stump grinding equipment. We use the best.

  • We can access any yard.
  • We can grind any size stump.
  • We perform “caliper grinds” so you can plant a caliper-sized tree in the same spot.

Simply put, if we can’t grind it, it can’t be done.

Trustworthy & Invisible

Unlike other stump grinding companies, we don’t leave your yard looking like a war zone, with wood shrapnel all over the grass, machine tracks all over your yard, and your cat Fluffy missing its tail.

We respect your property just as much as we respect our own. And that means, we respect you.

Our goal is to be invisible. In fact, you don’t even need to be at home for us to do the work.

But how do you pay us, you might ask?! Don’t worry, we know where you live.

But, what if we miss something, or you decide to have more roots ground out or need a deeper grind, right?!

We return without additional charge – even if it is next year.
(That’s just how we roll)

We Don’t Care About Our Customers…

…we care about you.

Customers are humans (or we hope so), and so we aren’t simply on the take. Our satisfaction comes from more than just a job well done, seeing the smiles on our customers' faces, and building meaningful relationships. From the moment you reach out to us, you're not just “another job” – you're part of The Good Grinder family (insert digital hug to you here).

Stump Grinding Isn’t Expensive

You don’t have to remortgage your house to get rid of stumps. Our customers are pleasantly surprised when they receive our quote. We tell them we can charge more if they like, but strangely, no one has taken us up on that yet.


Our Quotes are Quotes

(not estimates)

We don’t know about you, but we certainly don’t appreciate having to pay for napkins and straws when buying our meals.

How we charge:

  • $7/inch diameter of stump, measured at the base.
  • $20 is added for mild surface root grinding.
  • $40 is added for extensive surface root grinding.
  • $120 is our general minimum quote, regardless of the size or amount of stumps

Have a lot of stumps? We give package deals!

Feeling a little shy about measuring your stumps and not getting it right? Well, there is an even easier way to get a quote:

  1. Break out that smartphone.
  2. Stand back and snap a picture.
  3. Email/text us the photo(s).

We quote you within an hour. (Easy peasy lemon squeezy)

Quotes are free; once we send it to you, we won’t bother you with follow-up calls. We are customers too.


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