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The Stump Removal Hassle

Are you tired of mowing around those stubborn stumps? Ever thought of attaching a chainsaw blade to your weedeater? Tired of dealing with stumps with a skid steer and breaking equipment? Or maybe you’re ok spending time hand-axing the stump out or spending thousands of dollars to fix equipment. It ain’t gonna get you the most profit in the end…


Why not use the right equipment and hire the right people?


Leave us the work, and focus on optimizing where the real money is made in your business.

The Good Grinder Advantage

We’re here to elevate your services and help your business shine. When we arrive at your client’s property, we represent you with professionalism and a friendly attitude: “Hi! I’m here for (your company name) to grind out the stumps!” We ensure everything is left neat, with a clean pile of mulch where the stump once stood.


We won’t even mention our company... for them, it's as if we’re part of yours...


We worked the numbers to tackle a 20-inch stump... Renting a stump grinder

(Home Depot)
(Standard Rentals)

Hand tools Other equipment

(Skid steer)

Rate $150 None None $140
Employee $120 $360 $140 None
Gas $40 None $50 - $200/day None
Maintenance/ Damage Costs $0 - $1500 $0 - $120 $100 - $10 000 None
Time Taken 8 hours 24 hours 4 hours 1 hour
Injury Chance Low Medium High Extremely Low
TOTAL $360 $390 $340 $140


We are warning you when renting out stump grinders; they are weak, costly to repair and take forever to do the job. So many customers have contacted us after trying out a rental and complaining about the unexpected costs. They ended up paying for the rental and for us to do the job. We don't want that to happen to you!

Your Brand, Our Trucks

The Good Grinder becomes an extension of your brand. We proudly display your company logo on our trucks and feature your badge on our website, linking back to your site. This symbolizes your commitment to excellence in the service industry.

Fast and Reliable Service

No more lengthy waits for your clients. We complete jobs in days, not weeks, and offer rush services for urgent needs. This means faster payments and happier clients. Say goodbye to those annoying calls about stump removal status.


Happy clients, happy you!

Free Call-Backs, No Worries

If we miss something or your client wants additional roots removed later, we’ll return at no extra charge—even if it’s next year.

Clear and Simple Quotes

We charge $7 per inch diameter with a $120 minimum quote, regardless of the number of stumps. We add $20 for mild surface roots and $40 for extreme surface root grinding. The more stumps you have, the better the rate and savings.

Not sure about the cost? Snap a photo, email or text it to us, and we’ll provide a quote usually within an hour. If there are any additional fees, we’ll explain them clearly and get your approval before proceeding.

Special Promotions

We love to reward our partners. Enjoy seasonal discounts and special promotions when you book multiple jobs or refer other companies to us. Growing you, and growing us...


Earn rewards for every new client you refer to The Good Grinder. It's a win-win—help your peers improve their services while you benefit from the partnership.

Learning is fun

We offer Q and A and educational videos for your clients to understand the intricacies of stump grinding.

Try Us Out Today

We know starting a new process can be daunting. It’s not all-or-nothing. Test drive our services with a job or two and see how we do. As you get more comfortable, you can send us more.


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