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Stump Grinding Is Annoying for Tree Service Companies.

Face it. Stump grinding is the biggest pain point. It’s the messiest part of tree services. It has the most callbacks. You don’t get paid until the work is done. It’s not the biggest money-maker.


Yet stump grinding is the final step in the tree process. The stump grinder is the last person your customer sees. You need to leave your best impression here.

We will be the best version of you.

We are here to serve you, helping your company get ahead.

When we show up at your customer’s door, we show up with an amazing attitude and only have you in mind: “Hi! I’m here for (insert your company name) to grind out the stumps!”


When we are done, everything is left neat and tidy. We leave a neat pile of mulch where the stump was. Our standards are extremely high.

We brand The Good Grinder with your company name. We add your company logo on our trucks as a badge, a symbol of your commitment to tree service excellence. We also add your badge to our website as a clickable backlink to your website.

Tree Companies We Help Make Awesome

Our Grinding Service is Top-Quality

Through us, your company will send out the best stump grinding equipment. We can access any yard. We can grind any size stump. We even perform specialty grinds up to 2 feet deep (additional fee applies) for customers that want to plant a big caliper-tree in the same spot.


Simply put, if we can’t grind it out, it can’t be done.

You Need a Fast Service

Instead of customers waiting weeks to get their stumps done, they wait days. We can even rush the job in exceptional circumstances. You get paid faster. Your customers are happier. Annoying calls to the office, asking when the stump(s) will be done? No thank you.


You’ll be a superhero.

Call-Backs are FREE

If we missed something, or the customer decides to have more roots ground out or needs a deeper grind, we return without additional charge – even if it is next year.

Save money

Why pay an employee to grind? Why use average stump grinding equipment? Why have costs associated with stump grinding? Ugh!

Save money by not having these annoying expenses, focusing on optimizing where the real money is made.

Go ahead. Look at your books. Where would you rather focus optimizing your company? 5% better in stump grinding or 5% better in tree removal?

You know the answer. Time is money!

Quotes are simple. No hidden fees.

We charge $7/inch diameter with $120 as our general minimum quote, regardless of the size or amount of stumps. We add $20 for mild surface roots. We add $40 for extreme surface root grinding. The more stumps you have, the better the rate, the more the savings.

Not confident in how much we charge? Break out that smartphone, stand back and email us photo(s) and/or send a brief description (text or email works best). We will give you a price usually within an hour.

For us, it’s a relationship. If you mess up with the description, we will simply explain any additional fees and get the ok before proceeding.

But how do you pay us?

What are you waiting for?

You’re anxious about starting some new process in your business. We get it. It’s not an all-or-nothing relationship. Simply test drive us. Send us a job or two, see how we do.


As you get more comfortable, you can send us more.


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