Stump Grinding FAQ


Stump grinding involves using a machine with a rotating cutting disc to chip away at a tree stump, turning it into wood chips.

Our stump grinders can grind stumps down to a depth of 24 inches below ground level.

We measure the stump at its widest point, which includes the root flare at ground level. Not feeling confident? Send us a picture of the stump from a distance and we can give you an accurate measurement or quote.

Mild surface roots involve roots close to the stump and shallow. Extensive surface roots spread out significantly from the stump and are deeper/larger.

We use professional-grade stump grinders, which vary in size depending on the job. Other equipment may include chainsaws, rakes, and backpack blower for cleanup.

Yes, stump grinders are loud. Hearing protection is required for anyone nearby during the operation. All though, staying back a decent distance to watch is totally acceptable/reasonable!

No, we can cut down the stump to ground level. We can accommodate to cut down a small tree, but we do not include tree services in addition to stump grinding. If interested in tree services, contact Beaver Bros for quality tree pruning/cutting.

Yes, you can watch from a safe distance.

Absolutely, feel free to take and share pictures and videos of the process.

Pre Stump Grinding

Yes, absolutely. The common gate width in Alberta is at least 36 inches, our machine is 29.5 inches wide. It is extremely rare for us not to be able to get into a backyard with our machine.

If the bed is 6 inches above the ground, we won’t be able to access the stump. A ramp or dismantling a wall will be required.

No, you do not have to be home as long as we have access to the stump.

No, but you can never be too safe! We advise moving vehicles or furniture away from the stump area! We will bring stand-up walls to prevent any debris from causing any damage to windows, cars or furniture. We got you covered, literally!

Yes, please clear the area of rocks, fabric, and other debris to ensure efficient and safe grinding.

Post Stump Grinding

We rake and blow the mulch and dirt back where the stump was in a neat pile.

We don’t offer takeaway services.

Our equipment is designed to minimize lawn damage. If truly worried, you may simply request us to use our smaller lightweight machine at no additional cost.



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